» The 20th Anniversary of the Company, Polish People’s Republic Style Party

The 20th Anniversary of the Company, Polish People’s Republic Style Party

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We organized an event celebrating 20th anniversary of German-Polish company.

It took place in Gdansk and was meant for 220 people. Our duties included taking care of German and Polish employees, arranging the hotel accommodation, touring around the Tricity with bilingual guides. The highlight of this theme event was an evening party in the Polish Peoples’ Republic style. The agenda was very rich starting with a ride in the vintage bus from the Communist times (Jelcz make from 60s and 70s) accompanied by a ticket controller and black market money changer and ending with 1 May demonstration.

In the banquet room decorated in communist style the entertainers acted out sketches as if straight from the 70s, the Newsreel a la Jan Rosolowski was shown (shot especially for this occasion) and the music was played by the cover band during which everybody could dance. For this particular event we provided catering services also with a menu and waiters from the 70s. The keynote speech was given by a “company’s president” and the “leaders of the workmanship” were given rewards.

In addition, we prepared the automoto show during which vintage cars and motorbikes were shown. The Communist bar tended by a bar woman typical for that period of time was reopened and the scarce goods were distributed on condition that you presented food tickets. Next day we printed a newspaper of the event in which the jubilee event was reported showing how „the nation of workers” celebrate and finally all the guests were given one issue as a souvenir.

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